Please read all the information about cannabis and cannabis accessories, and the use therein at the festival.


All attendees entering the festival grounds are subject to search of their person and property upon entry, as allowable by law. The festival will allow attendees to bring cannabis and cannabis accessories into the festival subject to the following conditions:

  1. Only personal amount permitted. Quantity shall be no more than can reasonably consumed by one average person during the remaining operating hours of the event that day, subject to any documented medical allowances.
  2. Cannabis infused foods, oils or candies commonly referred to as “edibles” are permitted as long as they are in factory sealed packaging from licensed supplier. Personal amount only.
  3. No glass container or glass cannabis accessory will be permitted at any time.
  4. Prior to the search process commencing, attendees must make the festival security aware that they are bringing cannabis or cannabis accessories into the festival. Attendees are required to present all cannabis and/or cannabis accessories for inspection.
  5. Any cannabis or cannabis accessories not presented prior to a search commencing may be denied entry into the festival or the person may be denied carriage of the cannabis and/or cannabis accessories into the festival.
  6. Cannabis that is in a factory sealed tamper proof package from a Provincially Approved and Regulated Supplier will be permitted into the festival. All other cannabis and cannabis accessories are to be stored in a sealed plastic see-through container (e.g. Tupperware or Ziploc bag) which allows festival security to directly inspect the cannabis and cannabis accessories without the need to open the container or handle the product. Cannabis and cannabis accessories that are not stored in the aforementioned will not be permitted into the festival grounds.
  7. Cannabis that is suspected to have been mixed or adulterated in any way may be denied carriage into the festival.
  8. Any amount which festival security deems unreasonable for personal use, subject to any documented medical allowances, will not be permitted into the festival.

Cannabis is for personal use only and the unregulated sale of cannabis is strictly prohibited.